Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer is in full swing! Dahlias are blooming, harvesting lots of zucchini, and a little bit of broccoli.
This is Hubby's new car! LOL LOL Sis in-law and his brother put it together special for him! NASCAR!! LOL Dublin approves. They found a PS2 gaming chair and steering wheel to put in it! LOL LOL Bro built the little console for the steering wheel!
 We have had visitors to the yard, all these little brats have been visiting. The horses just watch them and dont care! They also dont seem to get shocked by the electric fence. There was a third one in the pasture.
 Burgundy Nasturtiums, love this color, its different form all the orange and yellow I have had in the past. I planted a lot of Nasturtiums this year!
 Variegated Nasturtiums, love the leaves! A small Dahlia in there too.
 The BIG yellow one bloomed.
 Alas, the deer are brats, I am glad they do not like to eat Dahlias! But the poor roses suffer! They ate all the rose buds and leaves, except for this one that is blooming now.
 Giant purple! I took these pics after sundown this evening. Will get some in the light soon!
 Purple with white tips! So far I am very happy with what has survived my digging and storing!
 Bright Nasturtium pot!!! There is a Dahlia in there too. They are so iridescent!
Need to go on another ride soon!! Loving the weather, mid to high 80's, it did rain a little this morning?? Low clouds, it was like being at the coast!

We have been working on clearing, cleaning, gleaning, tossing, and rearranging Grammy's house. Our goal is to clean it up and stage it for an Estate sale the first week of August. Lots of work! Sis in-law has been there every morning this week! Tired and sore and a little overwhelmed by all the stuff. But it is almost done, the guys have to get up and clear the attic and we should be close, then the pricing starts! So much work! Now I know why people have the Syroptimists come in and do it all. Just Wow. Found a few treasures, a lot of junk, and lots of memories.
This is Hubby's Grandparents house, where they lived for more than 35 years. We live across the street in his parents house, that his parents lived in when he was born(built in '66) Family has been on this property for 47 years! Dont know what is going to happen with the Grandparents house. It would have to be completely renovated, its pretty deteriorated now.


  1. What beautiful flowers. Yes the deer are hard on them.
    We don't get deer in our yard often.

    I too am aching for a ride. I'm thinking up all sorts of wonderful excuses to go....!


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