Friday, July 5, 2013

Squirrel video, hay time!

Here is a video of Melvin eating peanuts. LOL Silly squirrel.

Our hay is baled and on the ground!! We are going to start picking it up tonight! A young friend is going to help us! With all the kids out of school now, its hard to find help! Shouldnt be more than 150 or so, bales. Enough to last about 6-7 months for the horses though! $3 bale out of the field. Pretty good price for around here, local hay. Our local hay is only about 6-8% protein, 45-50lb bales, they do pretty good on it, I only supplement when its really cold. The old mare gets alfalfa though, as she cant really chew the grass.  Have to clean up the barn this morning and get it all ready to store the hay! I will try to get some pics, as it looks like I get to drive today!! LOL

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  1. we are just now cutting hay! Hoping for some good weather! $3 a bale is an awesome price!


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