Saturday, September 25, 2010

A trip to Linda's Dalhias....

Dublina and I made a trip to Linda's Dalhias this afternoon. Dalhias are one of my favorite flowers!
I took the camera and played with the settings some.
My camera has a sunset, setting and it works the best to get the color out of the flowers.
The first picture is taken with the sunset setting.
 This second one is taken just on a scenery setting, and is all washed out! Same flower.

The colors are so vivid! So many types and colors to choose from! Dinnerplate size, pom poms, anemones.....etc.

I believe this is one I ordered, so many its hard to remember LOL LOL

Or it might have been this one too....hmmmm LOL

I love the variegated colors!
This one is soft and pastel.

Part of the field we were in. Dublin went with me and followed me like a trooper! He is such a good boy! I was going to post a few more pics, but blogger wont let me post any more, so more to come tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful - like especially the ones with the stripy petals.

  2. That sunset setting sure makes a difference. I am going to have to try that. The Dahlias are spectacular.

  3. Wow those are some amazing flowers!!


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