Tuesday, September 21, 2010


LOL I had to laugh at this picture of Meghan holding Max, and how he disappears in the Camo!
Would that be Camo-Weenie? LOL LOL


  1. That's too cute!! I have the giant version of your little guy - he's a 9 month old "blue leopard" Catahoula Dog - he was emaciated when he came to us and in a very short time he is now very healthy and a solid 85-90 pounds....and still growing!! He too has that natural camoflauge!! :)

  2. I could hardly see him at all! too funny , he was obviously meant to be with you guys!

  3. Yeah Lysh, Catahoulas are that same color! LOL

    Thanks FV! I hope so, he is starting to settle in now and know the routin, he still barks and growls at Hubby when he comes home LOL LOL But he has never offered to bite!

  4. A camo dog. You could start a whole new breed.


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