Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The dogs....

OK this little guy is turning out to be a pretty fun little dog LOL he is hilarious! Meghan loves him too. Dublin and him still are playing really well together.

I cant get over how little he is! LOL
Meghan put her sunglasses on Dublin LOL LOL He is such a tolerant dog.

And Max he is my new chair/computer buddy LOL

OK is he cute or what LOL he is sporting his new collar, and also got a matching leash and harness.

Silly little bugger LOL LOL He loves to play, and sleep, he has two speeds!
We will be dealing with some separation anxiety issues, he barks and barks when I put him in a kennel. Hubby said he whined and whined when he held him while I went out to tend the horses, but the next time he was better, when he just let him loose and he would jump up in my chair and watch for the door.
He has never been crated or kenneled before, and it may take some time to get him to relax when he is. Just have to keep doing it and not feel sorry for him because he is so cute LOL LOL.
He will be a happier dog in the long run if he knows his boundaries. He knows what NO means and he is starting to come to his name. He hasnt had an accident in the house, except for the first day, he peed a little, marking I think, I am watching him close and he will get fixed soon! He is figuring out the "do your business" and the spot to go. He does growl at men and at someone who comes in the door, until he figures out who it is. I dont know if his growling is fear or possessive issues, he doesnt ever offer to bite, so that is good. We have a little work to do, but he will come along, it has only been 5 days!

Here is a short video of Max and Dublin playing, they dont growl at all while they play. LOL but we have to make sure Dublin does not squash him! LOL LOL


  1. Gotta wait till I am home to see the video ,but so far he is adorable!

  2. Too cute! I think after he gets some of his issues dealt with, he's gonna be so happy!! He found the perfect home.

  3. It's funny how you think your one dog is small until you get a smaller dog. Now my Corgi seems huge compared to our Doxie mix.

  4. He is cute for sure. Gotta watch those cute ones, they get away with so much more, at my house.

  5. Your babies are very cute!!!

    You look so happy and comfy int the picture...

  6. Thank you Carol :0)

    (that would be my youngest daughter in the pic, I wish I still looked like that LOL LOL)

  7. So his name is Max? So adorable!

  8. Oh I just love him!!! Doxie, right?
    I just adore the doxie breed now that I have my Dobbie girl. They are so loyal, so loving, so adorable and so fun!
    His coloring and markings are so unusual and beautiful, too.

    Congrats on Max...he is one lucky pooch and so are you :)



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