Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Dahlias!(Finally)....

Ah! finally figured out how to post again, they have forced me to use the picassa web publishing program. But at least I can get photos again!!! Now I have to find out about the google memory I bought too. Why cant it just be easy? now there are more steps to getting the photos on here.
Well here is the rest of my Dahlias post!!!

Dublin wasnt to impressed by all the flowers, he watched a couple of bees and generally just followed me around very nicely! I just looped his leash over my arm and I hardly felt a pull form him, he is so good! The bushes were to tall to get him to sit in front of some flowers LOL, each bush was 4-6 feet tall!

This is an anemone type! so cool looking. There was also a really dark purple one with white tips.

This would be a dinnerplate size Dahlia! It is huge! I would guess 8-10 inches across!

More of the top field.

Love this lavender one!

I really dont care to much for the pom pom ones, but this one is so vibrant in color! Wow!

There are deep deep dark reds too, love these.

Hmmm I think I love them all! LOL They are gorgeous flowers!

This one is pretty unique! Orange with white tipped petals.

This color is still my favorite! I think....

Look at the color here! I said WoW right?

I also like the bi and tri colored ones!

Some of them are so unique and beautiful beyond words!

I hope you enjoyed more Dahlias! I sure did! I cant wait to get the ones I ordered in April!

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  1. Lovely. I had to start paying an annual fee to store my photos through the Blogger upload a few months ago. It's disappointing to suddenly be charged for something that has been free for so long, but then again, Google and Picassa have such convenient services that I feel I should be paying them something, so I didn't mind.


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