Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The view out my front window

My girls on Tuesday, it was a little rainy out. Emma is not much whiter, yet, this year.
Took the old mares blanket off today, it has been in the low 60's, supposed to reach 70 on Sunday! Its that time of year that I have to watch the temps to see if she needs her blanky or not! I figured I was peeling clothes off when I did stalls today, she probably didnt need it.
Still getting lots and lots of hair off of these three! Spring has come to the NW! Sorry for all of you still stuck in Winter!!


  1. Ha! You and I are in like-minded mode. I just posted about the views around our house, and was also talking about spring having come to the NW...good minds think alike?
    Our horses are shedding like crazy too and I have my front door open to let in some fresh air, it's that warm. I am so excited about the weather this weekend...can you believe it's going to be that warm, AND on Easter? What's up with that? :)

  2. I am in Yamhill, Oregon. We're about 35ish miles SW of Portland near McMinnville.

  3. Yeah C-ingspots! you arent that far from us! We go that way when we go to Lincoln City! Have been to the Air Museum a couple times too! I am loving this weather!! Woo Hoo!!!

  4. Such pretty horses. How nice to not have a lake in your pasture right now.
    We've had such a shockingly mild winter. Only a couple snowfalls of less than 6", and no rain since last September. Every day has been sunny with blue skies. And our Spring has been warm with temps in the 60's and low 70's. I've been taking advantage of this amazing weather by riding more and being outside, which means not much time for blogging.


  5. yee HA ! Such Nice Weather Huh!
    Mine Had Been Naked For 2 Weeks.

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  7. hi, i wanted to answer your comment on my blog quickly - the film trailer you sent me. i actually read an article about it in italy cuz we brought our local german newspapers with us. i was annoyed, it seems like a rip off of the horse whisperer but more focused on the angsty teen girl. i am interested though so i might rent it when it comes out. in the article they provide a list of similar films, including buck, the horse whisperer, fury, and black beauty (the german kids series). i don't purposefully submit myself to horse fairs (equitana - parelli and linda tellington jones were here last month) and horsey things cuz i'm suffering with no horse and that just rubs it in.


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