Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Hubby has been in a weight loss challenge, with a friend, for 10 weeks now!
They check in and weigh every Tuesday. I is definitely a life style change! It is called "The Healthy Weigh" and you can google it if you are interested in what it is. On Tuesdays they also have a motivational talk and this challenge has a theme of, "The Travelers Gift" A motivational book.
He has done very very well! Down 45 lbs! this week, Wow!!! Great job honey!!!

When the team of two wins a weekly weigh, they bring home a suitcase. The teams make and attach "travel" stickers to the suitcase. Each team has to pick a name and since Arty, is one of Hubbys oldest friends they call themselves "Bearly Brothers".

So I designed the sticker for the first week they won. Which is.... Arty tangled up in the rope and life preserver, and Hubby saying "it was this big" LOL

They are old fishing and hunting buddies and grew up together. Thats why I chose these bears for the first sticker. Which I cut out by the way. Printed on sticker paper, since the laminated ones I made, the glue didnt hold so they were taped on. I fixed that. I hope!

They also won this weeks challenge, which I drew today and made into a sticker also.

Hubbys been wanting one with the bear holding his pants out that are to big now that he lost all the weight! LOL And the other bear holding the hole punch to fix their belts!! LOL

It was fun to do, and I am really proud of him for sticking with it!!!

This is Healthy weighs homepage

Hubbys only complaint is having to eat all the food!! you do not go hungry on this diet. Although it is a 1200 cal diet for the men, and a 1000 cal diet for the women!  No I havnt been doing it too. But I have been eating a lot better on it. It is all about portions, lots of vegies and small amounts of meat, chicken and fish. Rice but no potatoes. We have discovered some new favorites, like the frozen Tilapia from Costco, and we found out that we dont like brussel sprouts, LOL.  But we did try them! Two weeks until the end of the Challenge! I will go with him to the final meeting.

Here are the suitcases with all the stickers and luggage tags on them!


  1. well good for him! Great stickers!

  2. Wow, that is amazing!! That is a lot of weight to lose in such a short time...why can men lose so much quicker than women? :( It's just not fair! Love the stickers, very cute!


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