Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Some Memory Lane, and wondering what you all are paying.....

Emma at four years old, she was in the best shape here that I could get her in! Not quite as white as she is now.
 Same age, same Pat Wyse clinic I went to 2004! Ha and me about 60lbs lighter now! LOL
 My girls. One of my favorite pictures.
 My favorite picture of Meghan on Easy.
 Emma, resting while we ate lunch on a l o n g ass trail ride!! LOL (6 hrs.)
 Easy in front, and sweet Oakie. My friend just lost him last week, he was 27. She found him lying in the field, no marks around him whatsoever, looks like he passed peacefully.
 My girls, Meghan and Sara.
 The three amigos. Emma is a lot whiter now!!
 And the old mare last July, before the trail trial. She turns 28 in a few days!
 I went and picked up a few bales of hay today. I was wondering what everyone is paying for hay where you are. I am now out of the $3 a bale local hay (in the feed store $10 a bale!!!!!! these are small 50lb bales!!!) that I had about three ton of. Lasted me 7 months!!! On the list to get some more this July, until then I will be paying for hay from our local, well, not a dairy, (because of the fire early last year) now sadly. I paid $17.00 a bale today for grass/alfalfa they are heavy two string bales, probably 135-40 lbs! So from now until Summer I will buy 4-5 bales every other week. I also feed Nutrena beet pulp at $16.99 a bag and Nutrena Lifedesign Sr. at @ $22 a bag. Also every other week. Summer get here!! LOL The $330 I paid for 3 ton is looking pretty darn good right now!!

Meghan is coming out this week! Maybe we will both be able to ride! Weather permitting! Otherwise everyone is getting a good grooming!! I purchased a shedding blade this year, for the first time, LOL I have always used the small ones with three rings and a handle, this works so much easier! Old habits are hard to break! If you've been wondering  LOL I am still here! Feeding and cleaning up after husband, dogs and horses!!


  1. Great pictures of memory lane!! Emma sure has changed, color wise! Reminds me of Brandy who was a bay and white pinto. I sure wish she would have stayed that color!
    Our feed store ran out of local the last time we went, which was 12.00/bale. So we had to pay 22.00/bale for Eastern WA grass hay. Crazy! But those bales are huge compared to local. I found hay on Craigslist from a local hay farmer for 9.50/bale and we just picked up 30 bales a week ago. I can't wait for summer to stock up on the good stuff and way cheaper. I also really miss the days of 4-5.00/bale hay. I sure hope prices go down and soon!

  2. Loved That Pictorial-Memory Lane!

    The Feed $ Sounds The Same For Us. It's Just Darned Expensive! LikE Gas Prices, Probably Never Go Down Again.

    Sad About Your Friends Horse. But It Is A Consolation, No Struggle.
    Send My Blessings.

    Good To Read From You. Hope You Get To Ride Too!!

  3. A few years ago, it was about 5 dollars a bale, now I think it is up to about 10.(2 string bales about 75-100lbs) Not positive on that though, as I feed cubes which are a bit pricey. I had to drive to Utah to get them, paid about 320.00 per 1800lb tote. At the feed store they are selling 1600 lb totes for 350.00 I prefer cubes because I waste less and can really control their intake.

  4. We buy from our local dairy. We feed Grass and are paying $17/bale for large 3-stringers of good quality.

    We came to the conclusion years ago that it was easier (and cheaper) to drive the 2 miles down the road vs shopping around and driving/hauling longer distances. It takes less than 10 minutes to drive down, get our hay and have the truck backed into the barn.

    We offer free grazing (restricted to smaller areas in the spring due to the high sugar in our grass).

    We average about ten bales a month for 2 horses, feeding about 3 flakes twice a day. The number of bales we use will reduce once we open the summer pasture in July and will remain small until late October/early November.

    The only other feed we offer is Senior Feed during the winter and that's probably more out of feeling sorry for the horses in the dark, damp winter months! :)


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