Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A new endeavor!!

I have finally decided to take the plunge and open an Etsy shop!


I have named it Red Dun Designs, after my favorite critter Emma.

Wish me luck! and stop by and check it out! I will be adding more things soon.

So far it is Christmas ornaments that I have painted, the ones I have blogged about
a few times.

Here is my last booth at The Fern Prairie Grange Bazaar.

 I still have most of these left! ( I have a lot of inventory! I have been painting and storing for a year!)
 The Cowboy Santa at the top middle is on Etsy. So is the same shape Santa on the left of the Cowboy.
 I have listed the two sleighs on the left on Etsy.
 Most of my $2 gift tags are on Etsy too, the ones top left. Next I will be taking pics and posting some of my memo clips, like the Hope snowmen, upper right.
I will be listing the ornament on the left too, it takes awhile to coordinate items and pictures, and get them posted!

I hope this works out!!


  1. Best of luck! I am sure with your wonderful pieces you will do well

  2. That is so cool!! I love all your stuff, beautiful!

  3. You are very talented! How do you do at fairs? I did this for a while and didn't stick with it.

  4. Thank you everyone!!

    Val I did two Bazaars this year and did pretty good!

  5. Awesome!! You have such creative skills!
    I hope your new Etsy endeavor is a huge success!
    I love those little sheep. I hope you do some with horses or little folk art style ponies. :)


  6. Thanks Lisa! I will have my ponies posted soon!! I have to paint more! I sold all I had done except one. The one that didnt sell is the Red dun, hmmm maybe that means it goes on my tree! LOL


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