Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sunday Stills, Moods and emotions....

I chose to post these pictures of dogs for this challenge, I think all of see something different in a dogs look,
The look of mischieviousness in a puppys face,
Patient exceptance in another puppys face,
Devotion in an older dogs face,
That regal look of a Labrador,
What emotions do you think they may experience? Although very different from our own, they do have emotions. What emotions do they bring out in you?
I hope I covered this one ok, puppy pictures always have the "awe cute" factor for most people.

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  1. I think Goldens especially have a way of looking sad, as do Beagles. I think animals do feel emotions. My parents' dog gets very anxious and sad, it's very obvious in her eyes and body language!

  2. My mood and emotion, as I looked on your dogs here is Love. They all look happy and loved!

  3. Patience (waiting for someone to play with him)

    Thoughtfulness (determining the situation)

    Love (unconditional of course!)

    Great photos for the challenge!

  4. Doggies are LOVE, uncondiitonal love. Great shots. :)

  5. i think you were right on the mark with your emotions beautiful photos and lovely depth of field in each

  6. This challenge was fun for me.

    The first little golden puppy, he is Titan, he belongs to someone in our puppy club, he comes to meetings, but he is not a guide dog, but a family pet.
    The second puppy that in Jana, she is a guide dog puppy, and a good little girl.
    The third picture, I never caught this dogs name, but loved the look he was giving.

  7. Looks like content, except the last one looks a bit troubled.

  8. ahhh, what adorable faces. The puppy is tired or waiting. The last dog looks like he got caught at doing something.

  9. The faces of love. Pure love.


  10. I see patience, boredom, and maybe a little sadness.
    Such sweet photos.



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