Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dinner out and an award....

We got to have a nice dinner at a very beautiful Bed and Breakfast on Tues. night. Hubby got voted "Safe worker of the year" by his peers at work.

Here is Hubby on the left geting his award certificate.

Here is the view from where we were sitting, the lights behind the curtains are a pretty touch. This is the small banquet room of the The Fairgate Inn here in Camas Wa. I believe it was built in the last 10-12 years. It is huge! We wanted to tour the place after dinner, but they turned off all the lights upstairs, so we figured we shouldnt go up there, just in case there were paying B&Bers.

This is the stair case right inside the front entry, there are stained glass lights on each side at the bottom, around the stair case on either side leads to the banquet room.

Here is one of the stained glass lights, of course the flash washed the colors out some. Everything is beautiful here, done very tasteful, the walls are a sage green, and there are burgandy accents everywhere.

There is a large living room with a fire place to the right as you come in the front door.

Here is a close up of this fire place, everything is very Victorian in style.

Beyond the living room or "parlor" if you will, is a quite classic mens "smoking" room or library, complete with leather chairs and a big desk.

This is the perfect "gentlemens room" Beautiful woodwork is integral in this whole place, it reminds me of a southern mansion.

to the left of the entry foyer, is a smaller dining room, also elegantly furnished. Check out that side table!

There is one bedroom on the ground floor, each are named with a brass plaque on the door, I think this is the "Cottswald" room. Hubby said it was to fancy for him LOL. The rooms here rent for $125.-$175. a night.

Back out to the foyer, candelabras on each side, fresh flowers, beautiful little touchs everywhere.

The front door has pretty stained glass too, and the beautiful mahogany stained wood.

Detail of the front draperys in that small dining room, just to the left of the front doors as you come in.

This is the front entrance, as we walked out. I have a small beef with all the pots and stuff on the front steps, as I came out in the dark, or even as we walked in, there was no place for me to hold a hand rail at all. Down the center is some kind of lights, but I really need a hand rail, I almost fell coming out in the dark, you come down all those stairs and then there is another 4 feet and another short stair, very hard for me to see in the dark. They need more lighting and access to the hand rails to be safe for people with disabilities, even mild ones like mine. Someone with bad knees that needs a hand rail would have a problem too. I should have held onto Hubbys arm when we came out.
We did have a wonderful dinner, bread, with real butter, julian carrots and yellow and green zuchini, chicken alfredo, red potato wedges and Prime rib roast. Iced tea to drink, tasted like a double bergomot Earl Grey, kinda wierd for an ice tea for me, and I am a tea drinker. Dessert was brownies, carrot cake, apple cake, and a rasberry lemon square. The food was very good and not over done, the vegies were crisp and the Prime rib rare like Hubby likes it.

This is the banquet room from the side of the building where we were parked. The parking lot was really narrow and not condusive to our big F350, but we managed to park ok lol.
I hope you enjoyed our little trip to dinner, I wanted to take many more pictures, by I am getting the eye roll and the tourest comment when I take my camera out now LOL but I do it anyway LOL


  1. Congrats to your hubby! What a special treat. It's a beautiful place. A few months ago I attended a conference in Rhode Island and one night the participants were invited to a dinner at a private club in a part of town that was heavily Italian. Let's just say the club was gorgeous, in an old non-descript house. The whole night was right out of the Godfather complete with old Italian men dining downstairs! The food was amazing, though. :)

  2. Congrats to your hubby for the award, and that is a beautiful place!! WOW!

  3. How fun!! Looked like a great evening out at a very special place. Congrats to your hubby too!

  4. What a beautiful place! And congrats to the Hubby! Nice that they are recognising him for safety (a very important part of day to day work)

  5. Woohoo! Congrats on the award and your beautiful night out. This secluded Ozarks farm chick know every gal needs a great night out. The B&B is absolutely gorgeous! Can you see me??? Huh, huh, I'm turning just a little green here..just a little(lot) jealous. Heeheeheeh!

    From the hills and hollers from the Missouri Ozarks, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

  6. Such a fancy place! I would have needed the rail to hold onto, too. I'd have asked someone to move the pots. lol!
    Why would they want pots there in the winter anyway? And for sucha classy place, the potted plants would give a country look...not fitting of such an elegant entry, imo.

    Congrats to your hubby. You must be very proud of him. What a treat to go out to a nice dinner together to celebrate.


  7. Yeah Lisa, there wasnt even any plants in the pots, I e-mailed the Inn and she got right back to me and I was told there is handicaped access on the west side of the building, of course we came in from the east side and there were no signs. She was really nice though and said she was disabled herself. I suggested maybe she add the handicapped access info to her website, she thought that was a good idea.


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