Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dublins teeth again....

Awwwe Dublin, with his favorite chewy, and getting spoiled by Meghan. Dublin thinks that bean bag chair is pretty cool, he doesnt get on it on his own though, only when Meghan asks him up.
I had to take more pictures of Dublins teeth, the lower right canine is still coming in crooked.

In this next picture you will be able to see where the tooth is hitting the roof of his mouth and causing a bruise.

You can see the dark spot right below Meghans thumb, and the upper canine. He was so good for these pictures, he is a good little dog, with the right kind of mind to be a guide. But they have strict medical criteria, and 40% get career changed because of medical issues.

And the left side, which is looking pretty normal. I dont know what this will mean for Dublins career, whether or not he will be carreer changed, which would be for medical reasons. I hope that the Guide Dogs vet has good news, I sent the pictures to our club leader and he forwarded them to the vet with Dublins history, again. If he gets carreer changed there is a chance that we will get to adopt him. We will see what happens. If he is offered to us by Guide Dogs, we probably will take him, he is a fun little personality.


  1. Aww, poor Dublin. I'd hate to see him get career changed. But at least he has a great home waiting for him, if he does!

  2. I would be rooting (pardon the pun) for the carreer change .I am already in love with Dublin and haven't met him!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love yours!! The layout is awesome!! Will be back for sure!

    Just wanted to answer your question about CJ. HE will be in Southern Afgahnistan working with coalition forces. Lots of what he does is classified so that's all we get to know.

    Not crazy about the lack of details but what choice do I have?

    Hallie :)

  4. Poor little guy! I just hope, if he is career changed, that you guys will get to keep him. I can't imagine they wouldn't offer him to you, actually -- I'm sure it's hard to find homes for all those dogs that get career changed for medical reasons!

  5. yeah Hallie, our son can not tell us what he does with the NSA either.

    Katharine, no really it is not hard to find home for these dogs at all, there are waiting lists of people who want them. Usually the raisers get first choice.

    Thanks everyone, I will post about what happens when I find out.

  6. Oh, wow, waiting lists! While dogs in shelters are being euthanized every day! That's actually kind of sad. But I'm glad Dublin has a good chance of getting a home, in any case.

  7. I really hope the tooth doesn't get in the way of Dublin's career. I know a guide that got a broken tooth while she was in class, but she's still guiding. Hope the same is true for Dublin. He is one good pup!

  8. He needs braces! Poor lil' guy...I hope he may grow out of it.

  9. Poor Dublin! I hope he can make it as a Guide Dog. He sounds like the perfect personality. We've had several dogs with tooth issues. We had a Canine Dentist in AZ on our speed dial. lol!

    We had a dog, that we had rescued, with a similar problem and the dentist just pulled the canine tooth and our dog had no issues ever again. We had that dog for over 10 years afterwards.

    And our previous GSD had broken half of her canine tooth while in a crate on a flight from MD to FL. She was a year old when we adopted her from an SPCA. We took her everywhere with us and on all vacations. There are lots of dog beaches in FL. hehe!

    Anyway, she had been nervous during a rough flight and broke half of her tooth off.
    We flew her out to AZ and the canine dentist ended up capping the tooth (very pricey), but after about 5 years the cap fell off. And our dentist suggested just pulling out the rest of the tooth. He said that the canines aren't really necessary for domestic dogs because they don't hunt to survive. Our GSD went on to live another 13 years and never missed that canine tooth. :-)

    Could the dentist pull Dublin's canine tooth so he wouldn't have anymore pain or discomfort and he could go to do his job?


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