Sunday, June 23, 2013


This silly squirrel has been hanging around this year. I am finding empty nutshells all over. We have no nut trees! Hubby and I were talking in the kitchen, before he went to work, and I look out the window and see this little guy/gal!!! LOL Hubby says " I dont believe how long their toes are!" 
 He went all along the railing, down and up the other side here, with a goal in mind.
 A couple weeks ago Hubby came home from working swing shift, and the squirrel was up on the BBQ. That time it was open, and a small deep fryer was sitting there. He said the squirrel had the lid lifted on the pot and was checking things out! LOL
 This smoke stack must look like a lid!
 Silly silly squirrel!

Hubby has named him Melvin. LOL


  1. Melvin is a fine name for a squirrel. I couldn't even tell it was a squirrel in that first photo, because I couldn't see the tail, and its face is so different from the squirrels I've seen in CA, NV, and AZ.

  2. I believe the little guy is a Red Squirrel. The only one I could find that is that light red color.

  3. So cute! At one of the barns I boarded at, we had lots of squirrels, and had to have metal feed cans to keep them out. Once the person feeding lifted the lid on a plastic trash can that held someone's grain, and a squirrel ran right up her arm and out!


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