Saturday, June 22, 2013

New projects, ride #2 on Emma

Hubby has been after me to paint something other than Christmas! So here are a couple new items that I painted.
This first one is going to stay on our wall. I changed the name at the top to ours. This is on a vintage bread board that I found in Grammys house.
 This one turned out cute too! I love it. It is about 14x7. It will be for sale if anyone is interested.

Rode Emma yesterday, had a decent ride. I made up the "garbage box" from the Trail Trial last year. She could care less! Made a box out of my poles and split it in half with another, then put water bottles, laundry detergent bottles and the plastic dog food sack that I carried it all out in, on one side.  LOL Silly girl. We will see what she does during the ride. I did put a plastic sack on my carrot stick for the first time. She was fine with that, all over her. I lounged her to the left, but when I reversed her, she freaked out! LOL So we stopped and had the bag all over her again, then she was fine. What you do on one side, you have to do on the other. I did ground work first then rode.
We did have a bit of an argument, at the end of the hour that I rode, she refused to trot for me. She can be a bit defiant at times! LOL In the end, I won, and all is good. She also "forgot" how to sidepass to the  left. I think she was just in a mood yesterday! LOL  She is a funny horse to ride. If my balance is not just right, she will not pick up a canter. She has to be asked the right way or she just doesnt do something, gets pissy and wrings her tail and her head. She is a challenge, not boring for me at all. I am always having to think ahead of her and anticipate what she may or may not do! LOL But all in all she is quiet, loves the trails, easy to catch, a bit of a cow on ground handling, though LOL. Doing Parelli horsonality she is a left brain extrovert/introvert, everything she does falls evenly on the left side of that chart! LOL Extroverts are supposed to be the most challenging to work with!
Two rides down, 22 days until the Trail Trial!! I am sore today, have to ride to make that better! I really need my Cashel tush cushion, for my saddle!

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