Sunday, February 17, 2013

Washington State Horse Expo

I went to the Washington State Horse Expo here in Clark County, Washington. Went with my friend Carol. We arrived at around 10-10:30am. We didnt leave until almost 8pm! So I have enough pics for several days of posts !!!
Craig Cameron was the first clinicion we watched. He is always entertaining.

 We looked at new horse trailers and dreamed....
 There were more vendors, thus more shopping this year!! This is a new product, called Hydration hay from Purina. One of those little blocks is 2 lbs, and just about fills up 1/2 of that bucket after water is added. Supposed to be a way to get finicky drinkers to get more water. You can google it to find out more! It is basically chopped compressed grass hay, that you soak in water. Rep said MSRP is @24.99. Seems expensive.

Julie Goodnight was one of the clinicions.
There were a lot of Mustang goings on, people from Adopt a burro or Mustang, and Kids and Mustangs.
NW Parelli group.
Shopping, shopping. Although I didnt find anything to buy, except a good pulled pork sandwich and potato salad for lunch.
Then we watched the Black Pearl Friesian group!! They are so elegant and beautiful to watch.

Each one of them walked out and did a trick, Spanish walk, rear, bow.
This guy was my favorite!!

Then they changed into red coats.

I have another video, but blogger wont upload it, maybe its to big.

More to come!!! More vids if they will upload!


  1. Looks like so much fun! Wish something like that would happen closer to where I live because I would so be there!!

  2. Those women look dwarfed by the Friesians. Fun. Even though there are a lot of horse activities here in AZ, I know I'm going to miss going to the Horse Expo in Sacramento.

  3. This sounds so cool I was going to watch the video but it wouldn't play :(

  4. Sorry the video wouldnt play for you Amber, I went and played it so I knew it worked after I posted. Blogger wont upload my others though.

  5. Oh those Fresians are so beautiful! I find it very difficult to watch them without tearing up...snif.
    I had wanted to attend that again this year, but totally forgot it was this weekend. Oh well, we wouldn't have been able to go anyway. we got our new horse Saturday afternoon and spent almost all weekend out with the horses. So, it was all good!!
    Glad you had such a good time!


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