Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New stuff I have been working on!

This first one is a small box, finished inside and outside.
The front

The inside, sparkly fabric.

The back.  These boxes are about 4 inches or so in diameter, if you are interested let me know and I will measure. These items are not on the Etsy site! Dont know if I will put them on there yet. If you can see the box has four little legs ont he bottom, brass tone handle with a magnetic closer.

This next box is an Autumn theme. Raggedy doll with sheep, ginger bread and apple.
Cloth inside.

And the back. The boxes are going to be $12. each.

This is a small box, bear on the top, a heart on each side.
The top. This little box will be $9. Box is approx 1 7/8 x 2 1/4 inches.

The front

The left side. It has two brass hinges on the back.

The inside.

This is one of my favorite sleighs. Antiqued, and a worn look to it, the photo doesnt do it justice! Rustic looking. Very cute. The sleigh is about 11 inches long. These sleighs are $12.
The back.
This is one of my large sleds! The only one I have painted so far. Knitting snowman/woman the yarn is coming right off of the sheep! LOL I got this design from Rene Mullins. This sleigh is about 23 inches long! So it is good sized. About 11 inches wide if I remember right. It will be listed at $24.
This is a peek and another box, about 10x10. Brass hinges and closure. Will post again when the inside is finished. Has mittens all around the sides.
Everything is finished in a clear polyurethane.

I hope you like some of these new designs I have been working on!!


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