Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Horse Expo, Clark County Washington, 2

This booth kept me warm!! LOL LOL I had a Chai, and later a hot tea, it was cold and damp out in the arena. This booth is outside in the arena. Nothing better than a big hot 16oz cup of tea when you are cold.
 The gaited horse guy, I forgot his name. He was so soft spoken, and talked for a long time. The audio in this arena really sucks, its distorted and you can not hear what they say.
 The Peruvians were so pretty in the full costumes. And they looked warmer than some of the others!

This little dog walked through the crowd on the back of a mini.

 Then we sat down to watch the Extreme Cowboy Race. We were at the back of the arena, and had to stand at the rail. The seating also sucks at this venue. There were a lot of people, and the seating is at arena level, so even if you can sit down there are rude people who will stand at the rail so you cant see through them.
Come in and run a full round of the arena.
1. barrels w bucket of water
2. bridge
3. walk through the black plastic walls
4. gate
5. back through
6. wagon wheel
7. tarp with deer walk through
8. the pool finger walk through
Run another full circle around the arena, ending back by the wagon wheel

If you can see him on the far side, he is doing an obstacle that is two pvc pipes with a tennis ball on top of one, and you transfer it to the other.
 This Mule did a great job with the wagon wheel.
 A rope gate.
 fixing the poles of the wagon wheel, and a rider starting in the back.
 The back through.
 The multiple judges, dont know exactly how many were judges. Again you couldnt understand the announcer. Just the loud music.
 There is the walk over with the deer.
 Oh and the pool finger, walk through, some of them try to jump through it. I have done this with Emma and they dont really like it at first.
 The bucket transfer.
 The bridge, I really couldnt tell what they made it out of. There is a tarp and rocks, and I dont know if it was plywood or an actual bridge.
 The next thing we watched were the Vaulters. They were pretty incredible. The horses are huge! They looked like Belgians. They had an open arena time for all the kids to try Vaulting. this is a little girl riding.
 They all had to practice first. There is a practice dummy in there.
 The whole time the horse in cantering.

 There is the practice dummy. They all had to stand in line and do this, before they could sit on a horse.
 Craig Cameron.
 Craig and Steve Rother. They talked about getting a handle on your horse, again the audio in here is aweful too. Craig has a raspy voice that doesnt come across very clear, Steves voice was clearer.
 The flag ceremony before the evening entertainment. At least they didnt charge an extra $6-8 bucks this year to watch.
 A pair of Friesians came out and did a dressage routine, they were tacked up in western saddles, Cowboy Dressage.
 They were going to fast and in the indoor light I couldnt get good photos.
 Then two Andalusions came out, and one Freisian, they did a Medieval skit.
 Steve Rother did the same pole dancing routine as last year, except I think he was better last year. He has a 14 foot long pole that he is riding with.
 The vaulters came out next.

 This was a cute skit with the mini and a Jack Russel.

 He rides the little horse around.
Then my camera died. This was the last thing though. It died because I took a lot of videos. When I figure out how to post them I will share!!


  1. Looks like fun! I agree CCF arena, sucks, for seating and lighting.

  2. I guess i don't feel too bad I didn't make it. I am glad you shared some photos, too bad the audio was a bit sketchy, I hate that.

    Can you shoot me an e-mail about the particulars on the Albany thing? I have a friend that lives just south of Salem, maybe I can scoop her up on the way down...If you get a sec.

  3. Looks like a great event! too bad about the acoustics, that is frustrating to not be able to hear

  4. It looked COLD too...that damp cold of the Valley!! But, looks like everyone had a good time...nice that it's close by.

    Thanks for turning off the word verification. I haven't used mine for over a year and have only had two or three spam. Blogger has improved their spam filters a whole bunch!


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