Sunday, October 2, 2011

The latest project....

Hubby and I went garage sale-ing a couple weeks ago. We found some bar stools for the kids. The guy had them marked $15 each, and Hubby offered them $20 for both, and he took it. So that caused 
(he he he he)  a trip to Joanns Fabrics. Where I picked out this fabric. Megs didnt like it much at first, but they had bought a solid brown couch, and I thought that this material would look good with it. I bought enough material, two yards, to cover the seats of the stools and make two 14" pillows.
 I googled making a 14" pillow cover and found this simple easy peasy pillow cover pattern.
Cut them out and sewed them together.

 One pillow done.
 Sewing the fold side of the edge.
 Finished case before putting a pillow in.
 After the pillow is put in you can see the fold on the back. This was the easiest pattern! I had 14" pillow forms. Cut the face piece the same size as the pillow. For the back cut two pieces 14" tall x 10 inches wide. Hem the fold edges in the middle. Put right sides together and sew. I used about a 3/8 seam. Cut the corners, and turn right side out. Put pillow in the case. The pattern said that you can adapt this to any size pillow, just leave about a 4" overlap on the back two pieces. I hope I covered it all!
 And two finished pillows, it took me maybe an hour to do two of them.
 Megs was happy! LOL

This shows the pattern on the seat of the stools.
 Here are the bar stools.  I even made the patterns match on them!
 And a full view, we found these same chairs at Bed Bath and Beyond for $69.99 each!! Score!!!
 This is the best sewing machine ever. It has done a lot of projects for me. My Mom gave it to me years ago. I will never give it up!!! LOL


  1. You are SO handy!! Those all turned out fantastic! Is there anything you can't do?

  2. You are so clever! They all really turned out terrific! I like how you matched the paterns on the chairs.When it comes to projects like that I am really all thumbs. It's just not in my genes.

  3. AWESOME!! I love what you created after being inspired by the *deal* you & your hubby got on the bar stools!! The outcome of your work looks completely professional!!
    Very inspiring - great post!!

  4. LOL Thanks Mikey!! Yeah there are a few things I cant do LOL like sing!!! LOL even before my brain tumor! A lot of the men folk in our family are very musically inclined, it totally skips the xx gene! LOL I am sure there are more things I have tried and bombed! LOL

    I am very happy with how they turned out, now we just have to deliver them since they wont fit in Megs car, well maybe one at a time! LOL

    Thankyou Mary!
    Thanks Deanna!

  5. Sweeeet! Me likey!

    The fabric reminds me of tooled leather.

    Awesome deal!



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