Friday, October 14, 2011

Archives, well, some found old photographs!!!!

Some of my blogger friends have been posting archived pictures. Well I can say these are not archived! But newly found!! LOL LOL

I found some pictures of Meghan and her favorite pony! Sugar. We got Sugar for her when she was about 6 years old. Sugar was 4. I know that is young with young and that doesnt always work. In this case it did work. Sugar did come with lots of baggage. Her last owner, well the Dad, had beat on her and forced her to do what he wanted, she was saddle broke, although she had a bucking problem for awhile. They put my nephew on her with spurs to get her to quit. She was a very sweet pony. She was just big enough I could rider her bareback. She was about 12H, and that beautiful Silver Dapple color. I schooled her on the ground a lot, found out she was terrified of the lunge whip. She would run and run and you would have to reel her in until you could get a hold of her. She also hated baths! LOL But that white mane and tail were absolutely gorgeous after they were whitened and cleaned.

We worked through all that. Meghan rode her for three years at the 4-H fair, as a junior. She got blue ribbons on her. She rode Western  Eq., Bareback Eq., Hunt Eq., trail, Showmanship, and they did gaming. That little pony would do it all! LOL she did have some Shetland attitude at times, and Meghan rode her with a little pair of nub spurs, but that was all she needed. ( she only bucked Meg off one time! LOL and Meg fell off one time waiting in line after being judged for bareback class, she was wiping the dirt off of her butt LOL and Sugar moved and she slid off! LOL In front of the whole grandstands full of people! LOL LOL)

She had the cutest little fuzzy butt!!! LOL She was not perfect conformation, but she was OK.
I ended up selling her, after Meg outgrew her. Sugar was only 7 when we sold her, she had a lot of kids to raise!!! Sadly I sold her to someone who was a regular at the feed store I worked at. I thought they were knowledgeable, well not so much. They cowboyed her and she fell back to the fear response she had before we got her, scraped their son off on a fencepost (sigh). Poor baby. What can you do after the fact. I sure wish I knew where she was now. The people I sold her to had her less than a year, and didnt tell me they were selling her again. I hope she went to someone kind and has had a good life. She would be 16 now. Little Sugar Booger, she was a fun pony!

That little saddle in the background, I found it at a garage sale for $2, yes $2!!! LOL The tree was not broken and it needed a little TLC, stirrup fixed and such. LOL my sister in law has it now as decor in her house!


  1. What a cute sweet pony! Hope she did well in her life

  2. I really hope she found a good place too. Lovely pony.

    I just found out not long ago that the pony I had while growing up in Ohio lived to be @30 years old and had a wonderful life after we moved away. I had wondered for over 30 years how he was. Oh, the power of Facebook! It truly did bring tears to my eyes to know he had a good life. He was a very stubborn shetland and I worried terribly that he would get man handled, but he didn't!

    He was my best friend.


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