Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Pony

Oh my beautiful pony. I kills me that I havnt been able to ride her this year. She is good enough now that I am letting her out in the field with the other two again. She is even cantering without hopping. This look, LOL, "There's mom! does she have food?" As soon as I didnt offer anything they went back to grazing.
 Late days of Summer, I seen her out the window and ran out with my camera to get a couple sunny pictures. I love this mare, she is eye candy to me! LOL  She kept eyes and ears on me!
 The three Amiga's. Easy, Mickey and Emma.
 It is her the left side of her pelvis that she broke, my positive thought is that she has not lost any of the muscle or dropped that hip like so many that have done this have. Seen a lot of pictures in my research of pretty bad dropped hips. She is obviously lame still but so much better. Gives me hope that I will be able to ride her next year. She will turn 15 in January.
 She is always harassing Mickey, poor old mare. When Emma is in season I have to lock her in half the field by herself, so Mickey isnt hazed all day. Poor Mickey has arthritis in both front knees, she can not bend them more than 35 degrees. It makes trimming her pretty challenging. I am going to have to make a decision about her, I think, in the near future. She just cant get around and has fallen down. I am afraid I am going to go out to feed one morning and find her unable to get up.

The old mare. Easy is 29 1/2 this month, she was foaled in March. I would like a little more weight on her, she dropped a little when the grass dried up this Summer. I am giving her more grain now and the grass in coming back on for Fall now. The grass was all brown, it is green now!
Almost time to blanket her again. It does really help with her dropping weight during the cold months. I wont blanket until it is in the 30's at night and below 50 during the day. Other wise its to warm for them. It has been high 50's during the night and around 80 this week, so pretty warm still. The grass likes it!


  1. Your Emma is a beautiful girl. Gotta love those Appaloosas!! Your older mare is looking pretty good too, my old girl Kadie turned 30 last May. She has arthritis in both her hocks, but she's doing alright. I hope I've prepared myself as much as is possible when I have to make "that" decision; but I know I will die a little that day too. :( But I have loved her with all my heart and soul, have given her the best life I possibly could, and we have had some amazing times together, so we are both blessed. I will not fail her in her time of need. I know how hard it is to wait to ride when a horse has an injury, but please don't make the mistake of riding her too soon. It will make that first day back in the saddle all the sweeter if she's sound and strong. Your flowers are gorgeous!!! I sure hope this beautiful sunshine continues for a while longer...

  2. Thanks C-ing spots, I dont plan on riding her until she is sound enough to ride. Will start her on stretches and conditioning next year prob May or June, then consult with the vet again. Time will tell.

  3. I had a mule that we had to lay up for a year with a knee-shoulder injury. He said she'd never ride again.
    We ended up letting her out with the donkey foals in the spring and she gained her strength back.
    We now ride her and she is sound, so there is hope!

  4. Thanks Val, I am hopefully optimistic! She is moving so much better now and getting back to her old self. Less pain.


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